Overview About Split Broad Beans

Under appropriate conditions, unifying the plant, creating more than a few body the product provides its own increase. There are two kinds of leaves of broad beans plant: The real leaves are green in color, oval shaped and mutually aligned on a composite handle. Whitish oval or spear-shaped leaves of the second instance is serrated edges. On top of that black-colored are nectar glands. Features of the plant with hermaphrodite flowers is white in color. But, reddish streaks and purple or black spots appear on them. Self-pollinate the flowers of the plant consists of the fruits called pods or badıç. Various tones of green broad beans are available. Near the land section consists of a cone of black color. This cone, by type of bean will be different. In faba bean grains (in the so-called bean seeds or plant seeds) by type of bean vary in the bigness, shape, and in number. While the grains are fresh, they are green. When it becomes dry, it turns into brown. Rotten grains is very dark brown. Fresh broad beans is consumed as a meal by using olive oil. Fresh inner bean is cooked with enginar. Called as Internal faba bean, dried or frozen fava is a special meal cooked with olive oil.